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who am I? and what is this?

My name is Matt Huddleson and I am an experienced specialist UK employment lawyer.

Those of you who are familiar with UK employment law are more likely to hate it than love it, but either way you have probably been confounded by it at one point or another.

This blog is where I hope to help business leaders, managers, and HR professionals cut through some of the less appealling; confusing; or just plain wrong ideas about UK employment law.

Over the years, I have heard and seen numerous comments about employment law in the UK ranging from “that doesn’t make sense” to “that is stupid”. It is certainly a fast moving area of law, and that regularly leads to confusion, frustration and misconceptions. That experience and knowledge has shaped me and the way I look at things, so that I try to cut through the nonsense (as well as I can), and give a straightforward interpretation of what the law means in practice. Until now, that has only happened on an case by case basis, and what I want to do with this blog is to hopefully help other people benefit from the experiences I have had and the advice that I have given.

As the world of an employment lawyer is a strange one, I hope that you will find this blog both useful and amusing.

I welcome comments, questions and experiences from you, so please don’t be shy (although please do make sure you don’t post anything on the internet that could either: a) upset your employees; or b) upset your employer. ;-))

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